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  1. moffeaton

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    I STILL have no Lewis gun....

  2. hydin

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    i dunno , but i hope not. i hate seeing these kinda threads pop up.

    if it helps, i know rob is working 16hr days currently and is pretty busy. might explain the lack of communication from his side.

    keep us updated though, id like to know how it turns out.
  3. Jack Bauer

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    I have personaly SEEN your lewis gun and KNOW it is ready to ship out. John has been home all week sick due to a bad case of Strep Throat. Your LG IS ready to ship. And I can promise you it is going out next week. Problem is, California has a new law against shipping replica guns out of the contry, so John has to send them to a guy outta state and have HIM shp them to some people not in the USA. Hence the reason that some people are getting them late. (meaning those outside the USA)

    I just don't want Sci-Fire to get a bad name beause I am a member. You should change the wording from "Robstyle SciFire" to "Postmortem01". My MDK pack stuff is on there.

    I don't want my name trashed as being a scifire member. I have done everything very smooth her at the RPF. No problems. And your dealings are with John not Rob. (if I'm not mistaken) John is the busiest person I know though. He seriously IS doing his best to get everything out. With his car getting totaled and the amount of times he's been sick latley, he has run WAY behind. Rob and I have been helping him take up the slack. Rob and John are some of the most respectiful and nice guys I know. I'm sure kenny (elvistrooper) can chime in about that. As well as many others.

    Anyway. please edit the thread. John should take the heat not Rob and Sci-Fire.

  4. Rylo

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    " California has a law against shipping replica guns, so John has to send them to a guy outta state and have HIM shp them to you."


    Um, (scratch, scratch) Okay...I'll ask.

    How's he gonna SEND them to "Anyone" out of state if he can't ship them in the first place?
  5. Jack Bauer

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    Sorry. Thanks for pointing that out. Forgot that Eaton is in the US on east coast. I edited my post to reflect what I meant. Shipping to Moff will be no problem. It is the shipping out of the country that IS the problem. I wanted to make that clear before the people outside the USA chimed in.

    Thanks chest.
  6. moffeaton

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    Isn't John Sci-fire?

    I get emails from BOTH saying that it's SHIPPING.... so what do you want me to edit? They both are accepting responsibility on this transaction, and the website advertising these guns is Sci-fire, so I fail to see how seperating my purchase from "Scifire" makes sense. Who is Postmortem1?.


    John and Rob are working together on the rubber guns right? Both are hammered with the real world right? That's FINE. I am too. ROB sold me the gun.... ROB is the RPF member representing these products... but JOHN is also emailing me about the gun that apparently is so close to being shipped that it's, like, halfway in a box...

    The lack of correct info and sporadic communication have me a bit spooked. I don't want to or mean to trash anyone... just stating the facts.

    What involvement do you have with the project? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've waited long enough.

    And YES - I'm the guy that got the gun that "accidentally got shipped". Maybe they were hoping I was a rube and didn't know a subpar cast from a hole in the ground?

    I just wish Matsuo made Lewis guns.
  7. moffeaton

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    I don't even want the * thing painted.

    Just a clean cast without bubbles or that weird "heat seam" that Rob said he could avoid.

    I really appreciate their understanding my concerns with the cast, and their willingness to accept the reject back and replace it. They even offered a refund, but I really wanted that gun. How long am I supposed to wait PAST waht they tell me is the ship date? John promised I'd have it for the September 17th ECPP.

    OVER ONE MONTH AGO for something that was ready to go, and sitting by the door?.

    I got the same excuse from Mike Tait back in 1999. THAT kind of experience can make a guy easy to spook. So here I am, sending off a flare on the RPF because I figure that the squeaky wheel gets the Lewis Gun.
  8. Jack Bauer

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    I knew the gun was yours becasue it had a stivky note that said your name on it.

    Just sent you a PM.

    I'm sure we can resolve this all with great results.

    Thanks for PM'ing me Jason. Hope we can talk more about it in private.

    I know some people are thinkign "WTF.? why is Jack bauer stepping in to defend Postmortem01 and/or Robstyle.?"

    because I respect these guys and only want to help. Moffeaton and I are now chatting via PM in private and can get this resolved fast and like I said "to good results". This Rubber gun thing has been a nightmare. Just another thing for us all to learn from.

    I can only promise that ALL fo the gun orders can and WILL be resolved. Many of you have delt with me on ther RPF as far as sellign and buying and can vouch that NEVEr have I gone against my word or promise.

    I give you my word: "I PROMISE that all gun matters with John, Rob, and Sci-Fire, will be resolved in the nea future."
  9. robstyle

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    Just a note after getting a phone call from a friend pointing this thread out to me as I was riving home from work and reading Jasons remark above,

    I sold no Lewis Guns to anyone nor did I accept payment from anyone except one of the Markus's across the pond. If the payment was not made in installments, I would not have accepted his payment. What I did do was help the project get done and front them here on the RPF for members. From the start this was made clear as I have no financial gain in the project but it has cost me money.
    I have not recieved any emails or pm's from you Jason in a little while (until today which I replied to first thing when I got home then I read this thread) and from what I was told, John was handeling your LG and had spoken with you on the phone. Not passing the buck, just what I was told. Your LG is indeed finished, has been for sometime now. As per previous conversations via pm or email, the situation for me is I cant just pick something up and walk over to the post office at my work even though your LG is literaly 20 feet away from me. You know what we do for work so I trust you understand the situation.
    For anyone else reading in, I am a lounge chair beta testor, lol.

    Just had to chim in and speak my mind, sorry for your delay Jason. I know of three others awaiting shipment off the initial run, one in IL, two in the UK. I get emails and pm's daily asking for hyperfirm items which I have to politly deny and ask they reply back in a couple weeks. The LG project was not mine and I wont accept any new orders until the previous ones are shipped by John. It is frustraiting for me, trust me on that :)

    As for John,
    he has gone through some trying times both personaly and physicaly. I know of only one person who doesnt like him but thats out of spite, lol. He is the most generous person I honestly know. As for the dishonestly, I do know a couple girls but thats another story. John isnt out to take from anyone. In fact, he probly doesnt realize it but he has given away more than he has sold this year. Fund raisers, charity raffles/auctions, fan films... he has been there to help everytime he could yet never asks for anything in return to even cover cost.

    I hope this can be worked out Jason, I emailed you my phone number again so call anytime. The only time I dont answer is if I am working, with the ladies or if its "Jet Beatle" (Sky High this, Sky High that, lol).

    Jack Bauer is part of the crew, someone has to sweep the floors (I kid, I kid).
  10. moffeaton

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    I'll let you know when the Lewis is in my hands, thanks Rob - I know you're frazzled too.

    Take care, Jason
  11. robstyle

    robstyle Sr Member

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    2,355 frazzled my cats wont come near me, or could be the smelly feet, whatever works for you, lol.

    feel free to call anytime. I know your situation and you know mine. As always, if I can help I will. If not, we talk about girls or something :)
  12. Jack Bauer

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    Thanks Jason for your understanding. As MANY of you RPF'ers know Rob and I (and John) have "in the end" STOOD up to our deals. I'm sure this will all be fixed. your LG WILL be shipped tomorrow. John made me a promise. and he NEVER backs from those.

    This Rubber Gun thing started GREAT helping everyone, but has turned into a nightmare. Rob is NOT kidding that his project has COST him money. He AND John. This profit turned into a debt.

    And the profit was'nt even that much. The original plan was to make enuf to maybe eat for a week. LOL

    This gun project was concieved to "help all" to help the better man. To provide rubber versions of gun previously unavailable to the general public guns.

    I can attest that BOTH John AND Rob have stayed late at work to fullfill EVERY order that they have taken. SAD part is many times they have to stay LATE hours JUST to fullfill the work that the industry they are in needs. No time to work on guns if they want to drive home and sleep healthy for the next days work. These guys went without sleep a day or two JUST to get these orders MADE. Making the guns is easier then shipping. I am sure ALL of you have had side jobs that you had and got too busy to fullfill them as promised.

    I had a LG that I tried to ship three times. Problem one is that the boxes to ship the guns had to be specialy made. (this costs money and was an unforseen problem) 2) finding someone that will ship them. UPS turned me down, FEDEX turned me down. To be honest I had to lie to the USPS as too what was IN the box to ship the LG. Thank YODA in the end they didn't X-Ray the box to see. A week later it was returned to me as "unacceptable" by the state of the guy I was shipping to lived in. They DID X-Ray it. ( I can only assume). In the end I got the gun he paid for to him. All was good ansd he was pleases.

    Jason, your gun is unpainted as you requested. And John said he'd ship it tomorrow as I KNOW he will.

    Thanx for your understanding and THANK YOU for editing your thread. You are a gentlmena for doing so.

    I hope all works out in the end.
  13. Jet Beetle

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    I just read this -- you're a * Rob. :D
  14. marcvs66

    marcvs66 New Member

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    I haven't received my LG either - I was part of the first run also [and I am located in the US]... and while after all these months, I've been slowly but surely getting to the end of my rope - in all fairness, I have to say that both Rob and John have been reasonably good about keeping in contact w/ me and explaining their situation and the reasons for the delays, etc.

    I've talked to both of them on the phone throughout the whole ordeal - and not only are they nice guys - they are also pretty cool guys, who know their stuff and do great work. I know, they will try their best to come through w/ my LG in the end... but, boy - it's getting harder and harder to be patient... especially w/ the year coming to a close soon... would be nice to have this whole thing resolved and done w/ before the new year and not take any unfinished business into the new one.

    Nothing says x-mas like a freshly cast Lewis Gun under the tree.
  15. kurtyboy

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    I have not got a clue what is going on with my one.

    Has anyone seen it?

  16. kurtyboy

    kurtyboy Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I still haven't received mine.

    Its really beyond a joke.
  17. moffeaton

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    I did finally get my replacement a couple of months ago - good luck..
  18. OdiWan72

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    I´d be interested in the current status of this issue as well...

    Rob PM´d me weeks ago, stating that my -freshly pulled- 2 LG´s would be ready to ship. He asked me if I´d like to have them painted but I told him that I would like to have them shipped unpainted if that´d speed up the shipping.

    Still waiting...

    I know Rob, John, whoever WILL come through, but the wait and lack of communication is really bugging me :unsure

  19. kurtyboy

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    This has been one saga and a half. An absolute joke really. Shipping an item is really a simple procedure. It does not take almost a year and 5 different incapable people.

    Just do it. :unsure

    What's the latest excuse/BS?

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