Need some help getting started with Ironman Mk VI pep project

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by bdohazelnuts, Nov 21, 2011.

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    I am getting started with my Ironman MkVI Pepakura, and in an effort to get it right the first time, I am trying to do all of my research, make sure that I have a good idea of what I am doing, and then actually get started with it.

    As such, I have a few questions, even after looking through a number of threads on here and on the 405th site:

    I will be using the robo pep file set, and am about 5'11" and right about 200 lbs, should the default scale work for me?

    When glassing out the armor, how many layers in and out are typically laid for the armor?

    What specific kind of cloth do most people use for this? And do you have any good suppliers to order from?

    These are all the questions I have atm, but will likely have more as I go along, and once I get started, will no doubt add myself a WIP thread. Thanks for all of your help in this, you all have a LOT more knowledge and experience in this, and are invaluable to me even being able to do this at all.
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    I can't comment on the scaling (as I've not built one for an adult size); however, many of the threads list the parts as fitting 6' frames as a default.

    Fiberglass layers... I didn't slush my pieces, so if you're using this method, I'll defer to anyone with that experience.

    For just painting fiberglass resin on the pieces, I did one coat without cloth on the outside of the pieces first and then one coat WITH cloth on the inside. I started with the official fiberglass cloth sheets, but ended up switching to t-shirt/sweatpants fabric I had from old clothes. It works just as well and is free!

    Note: Definitely plan to use STEALTH's trick of using spray adhesive to tack down the cloth to the inside of your pep piece before you paint it with resin. It will save you LOTS of time and frustration as the resin tends to pull-push the cloth around as you pain it on.
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    I will definitely have to do the spray adhesive trick. Will probably be a lot easier to lay it that way as well.

    Also, how are most of you who have made SA Ironman costumes affixing the armor to yourself? Generous strapping? Attaching it to cloth underlay?

    Sorry I am asking so many questions, I am just new to this, and want to do everything I can to get it done right the first time.
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    Hello I'm working on a mark iv hybrid mine is made out off steel. You should check out that guy is great he has many helpful hints and tricks I'm sure will help you. I tried using those files I strongly recommend making everything from thin card stock first it's rigid enough that you can make a 3d model to try on and check sizing also to see if you may need to alter that patterns at all. I wound up having to design most of mine from scrap.

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