Need Gladiator screen grabs/ pub shots

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My DVD player took a Cr@p on me so i cant get any screen shots and im not sure if this was ever displayed to the public but Im looking for any picture i can find of the Helmet Russle Crowe wore in the arena scene, right before he reveiled himself as Maximus. Its the helmet w/ the spikes on the dome and has 2 Mandible like fangs that come down in the front of the face. Any pictures of this would be greatly appricated as im going to be sculpting this fairly soon. Thx



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Hopefully these will help you.

Left Side View

Rear View

Right Side View

Front Closeup

Front View

Top Down View


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When you do screen caps from an anamorphic DVD, don't forget to do a "squeeze" to correct the aspect ratio. :)

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Originally posted by Montagar@Jan 15 2006, 09:36 AM
When you do screen caps from an anamorphic DVD, don't forget to do a "squeeze" to correct the aspect ratio.  :)

whoa, how did you do that ?

could you explain further what a anamorphic DVD is and why THAT effect always happens to me and bugs the snot out of me .


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A regular TV screen has an aspect ratio of 4:3, that is, if the screen is 4" wide it is 3" tall (4/3=1.3333333333 or 1.33)

An HDTV screen is 16:9, if 16" wide it is 9" tall (16/9=1.777777777777 or 1.78)

An anamorphic DVD "assumes" that you are using an HDTV display that will electronically "squeeze" the image to fit in the 16:9 screen. To preserve the maximum resolution of the DVD, the image is placed on the DVD "stretched". A full explanation of this can be found at the following:

Anamorphic DVD Explanation

Anyway, if you capture the native image from the anamorphic DVD you will get a "stretched" picture. To fixed this you need to use a graphics program that will allow you to "fix" the aspect ratio of the captured picture. Remember that if the original aspect ration of the movie is greater than 16:9 (1.78), you will have black bars at the top and bottom of the screen capture, but don't remove those until you have first corrected the aspect ratio.


Original screen cap 720x480 (notice oval instead of circle)

Fixed screen cap 720x405 (1.78) notice proper shapes

In the graphics program I changed the image size from 720x480 to 720x405.


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I sculpted this a whle back to vacuform, its a very nifty design, I'm positive you will have fun sculpting this wonderful piece.