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NBC's Timeless Lucy's Prop Diary Up for Auction May 1


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Hey Gang,

Wanted to let you know that actor William Shatner (yes, Captain Kirk) got his hands on the actual prop diary from NBC's Timeless. It's filled with clippings and notes and such screen used. Erik Kripke sent it to Mr. Shatner for his charity auction so provenance is impeccable. If you are a fan of the show (don't know if it's going to continue) you may want to grab this item. It's signed by the cast The online auction starts on Monday. I'll get some photos of the inside of it later this week when I stop by his office and post them.

The auction starts on Monday May 1st and runs through Sunday June 4th. You can find the auction home here:

Timeless Lucy Preston Diary.JPG
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