My USCM costume


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I'm really pleased with this, it has the look I was trying to capture, correct humbrol paints, weathered with grate polish. I've been wanting to do this costume for years, I can remember talking to Graham Campbell at the Scottish Memorabillia years ago about this, having seen just his box of Pulse rifle grenades made by Tommin.


Back showing weathering and the grate polish. I wanted it look like just after the bugstomper crashed in front of Hicks.

Improved webbing pouches which I remade myself with foam like the originals.

Now for the photos of the complete costume taken at my place of work.

Back showing lamp plus the Chinese symbol for strengh in red on the back.

The Foundary part of my work place has some tall corrigated type buildings, kinda Weyland Industries looking.

Helmet off shot, notice the bullet hole with "Born Again"

Someone is working on the shotgun holster for me and I'm still fading the BDUs like the originals were.


Thanks for looking

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Thanks for the postive comments :)

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Nice job. Are your cammies the correct frog and leaf? Where did you get em?
They are from Military at Arms, they are the correct pattern.



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You know I love it...looks awesome. Great photos and a fitting backdrop. You even look the part. Ultimate badass.