My sons GB trap treat bag for Halloween.


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Yes foam again!. I swear next year I will try and save up for some other type of medium and try it out.
Anyway I figured I needed a trap for my GB costume, I don't think I will have time to make the pedal and everything but I think having just a trap hanging off of my belt will owrk for now.
Anyway I have just spent the last two hours working on this thing and this is what I have so far.

Firstly the tools I will be using, these are the same tools I use on all my foam builds. Nothing special just simple tools. There is a cutting board under the foam, before anyone thinks I am cutting up my kitchen table.
And yes that is Belle from beauty and the beast as my desktop wallpaper.....

Unfortunately I was on a roll and forgot to take photos of the during.



I just printed these off and layed them on just for to see what it would look like.
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Re: GB trap in foam.

Car section in walmart, pack of 4 2ft by 2ft squares costs $9.99, of you can get a roll of the foam for $20.00 the roll is good for csotumes (it is thinner) but the tile mats are good when you need thicker harder foam.
Re: GB trap in foam.

Painting day, I had to do a few little alterations to the trap. For example the side panels. The trap is supose to have silver metal side panels however I didn't have foam thin enough. Had I just cut some foam and stuck it on the sides it would have stuck out to far and not looked right. So I cut the the panels out of the trap sides and when I glue them back I will glue them just offset so they stick out a bit giving the illusion of added panels. Cutting them out also allowed me to paint them seperately with out having to mask areas off. I also had to do the handle, this is made from wood as a foam handle jst would not of worked it would not of been strong enough to hold, the weight of the trap would of made the handle bend. I also painted the trap doors rather then stick printed paper on the foam. Here is what I have now....




Re: GB trap in foam. Building smaller trap for son.

So I found time to tun my sons trap into the opening of his treat bag. Simple but the look on his face when I showed him was priceless. He had so much letting everyone drop his treats into his candy trap.

Very cool indeed, i really like the idea for the treat bag.

I've seen those tiles here in the UK, but never thought to use them for making things, i have the same ones in the garden under the kids swings, but they have a diamond pattern on one side, must go and find some with a flat side and get making some cog armour!!!
Love this idea. The mini trap was cool as it was, but to be able to spend the night trapping candy, that's just great.
These tiles have the diamond shape on one side aswell. sometimes the texture can be used for parts of your build. if you need any help I would me more then happy to give you some pointers.
As for the photos I was very busy last night with adults and kids all wanting to see my proton pack. The local paper did a story on me last year and they did an update yesterday in time for Halloween night about my GB costume so lots of people we eager to see it.
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