My Sith boots -- making some spats


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Me and a friend are trying to get a lightsaber fanfilm choreographed and shot in the next few months. I have been slowly piecing together a Sith costume for probably the last year.

I bought some of those cheap riding boots, around Halloween, for my Han ESB costume. Now that I am getting better Han boots I turned my attention to the cheap-o riding boots. I want to spiff them up and make 'em look a little bit cooler for the film. Well, more than just cheap riding boots.

I started mocking up some spats and straps the other night. Started with some craft paper and masking tape. The design is very much Anakin/Prequel Jedi I know; nothing new or that special. But I just want to kind of spat and some straps to make the boots more visually interesting.

After getting something pretty good I decided to cut the pattern out of some old black vinyl I had in storage and see how it fit with a heavier, leather-like material.

As you can see I need to play around with the curve into the front of the spat to cover the sides better and hopefully elminate a little of the winkling that is going on. I think I can work some of that out, in the finla version, by soaking and molding the leather to the curve of the boot. But the line of the side bothers me and I would like tto try and figure out something better.

The final will be in leather. probably 4-5 oz for the spats and 2-3 for the straps and holder loops. Have to figure out how I am going to attach it all. Don't reallt need velcro since the spat doesn't have to be removable as there's no front zipper or antyhing. Right now everything in held on with crappy cheap contact cement.

Let me know any advice or comment and I'll post pics as I go along.


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I'm having that same problem. I'm thinking maybe to cut the spat wide and trim it to look right. Another way would be to cut the spat in the middle and sew or glue them together.

Hope that helps some what, I'll post some pics if any one of my ideas works.

Good Luck

Rudy G.


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looking good so far, question... where do you get cheapy riding boots, theyre usually way expensive.


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Search google for Crazy Horse Tack and Gift.

Ok, well "cheapy" meant like $140. "Cheaper" I guess I should say. Cheaper than the motorcowboy or caboots Solo boots at above 300 bucks. You can always get the rubber oots that are like $40-50. My buddy got em for his Vader costume and they actually look pretty sweet for so cheap.

So maybe cheap wasn't the right word?


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After some trial and error I couldn't figure out how to get the spats to work since my riding boots have such a high top of the foot. So I decided to go with a leather shin guard type spat. I cut it out of some leather I had leftover from my Jedi Belt project over Halloween.

Still gotta work out the lines of the sides of the spats. But it's easier to figure that out in the right ounce leather instead of guessing with craft paper.