My Silent Running drone build


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Last year I was working on an industrial waterproof enclosure design for a customer. The design we went with was vaguely reminiscent of the Drones from Silent Running, so we named their first prototypes Huey Dewey and Louie. I decided to make my own enclosure based on the Drones from the movie and got a little carried away. I didn't have room for a full sized drone, and my printer is good sized, but not huge, so I scaled mine down.

I added some articulations, the font and side toes on each side will be able to tap, and rock the model back and fourth. Side vent will open and close, and there is a little flap in the face by the eye that will move. The Eye will be able to change color, and I will add some lights behind the grilles that can change color as well. I have installed provisions for some 3 inch speakers so I can make it a functional bluetooth speaker as well.

I posted the files on Thingiverse the other day. I continue to make updates to the files as the assembly process often warrants changes.
Silent Running Drone (Arduino Enclosure) by myyellowminicooper




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Nice, what did you use for plans?
I started with some STL files someone posted on Thingiverse that I can’t locate anymore. Really, I just used them for some scale reference. I wound up totally redesigning it in Fusion 360. It’s mostly scaled so I could print the parts on my 3D printer and Laser cutter.

I may flesh out designs for all 3, but I only plan on building the one, I’m going to totally revamp my Comedian costume next, then rebuild my Barbarella rifle in all metal, then I need to think about Halloween!