My Seaview build(Voyage to the bottom of the Sea)


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Another one of a kind build I am lucky to have!
I love the Irwin Allen stable of programs(Voyage to the Bottom Of The Sea, Lost in Space, Time Tunnel and Land of the Giants), and one of my all time favorite subjects is the Seaview submarine from Voyage.
Here we have my build/reconstruction of a late 1990's resin and Photo etch kit from Seaview expert, Paul Lubliner. It's 26" in length and is the most accurate model of the boat ever produced.
Originally she was in her Movie/first season design with the eight window configuration. However, the model's nose was almost shattered in an accident.
So… I took the opportunity to change it into the four window/ flying sub version!
The model was airbrushed accurate colors and weathered to scale.
The Seaview is/ was/ never light ghost grey( sorry).
The model also features a faux interior per the filmining miniature.
The 17'3"Seaview never had any "panel shading" or such detail.
This model represents the 17’3” miniature seen on the surface and deployment of the Flying Sub.
I also meticulously repaired the original eight window nose and air brushed it the correct color.





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