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My screen-used Serenity prop

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by Rick Hanson, May 7, 2006.

  1. Rick Hanson

    Rick Hanson Sr Member

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    OK, so it's nothing overly exciting, and a lot of people have them...but I got this incredibly shiny display from the Prop Store of London, and figured I'd share a picture in case anyone else was considering picking one up. :)


    The background is a black velvety substance, and the circular emblem is (I'm guessing) silkscreened on. All of the text is actually laser-cut, and the color is provided by backings behind that. The frame is a nice antiqued light brass-ish metallic finish that doesn't show well in my bad photo.

    These are great displays, and quite inexpensive if you consider the framing and the laser cutting. I also received it in California exactly one week after they shipped it from London.

    They make them to order, and as long as they're advertised on the site they're available. Incidentally, the Prop Store won't sell individual loose bills. I already asked. :D

    It's a great prop, a great display, and I got great service from the Prop Store of London. Two thumbs up from me, highly recommended. :)
  2. JoeR

    JoeR Sr Member

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    Congrats, that is a great prop in a great display.

    Replicas are cool but there is nothing like a screen used prop. :thumbsup

  3. jedilos

    jedilos Well-Known Member

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    Man great item, the display is beautiful
  4. prop fan

    prop fan Well-Known Member

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    very nice
  5. Nexus6

    Nexus6 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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  6. tk7209

    tk7209 New Member

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    Very nice and well mounted too
  7. Hammerstein

    Hammerstein New Member

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    Very nice, I have one of these from propstore, I always meant to get more but never got round to ordering, I'll put a pic up soon.
  8. Hammerstein

    Hammerstein New Member

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    Here it is, exactly the same, I have to agree it's been very nicely done, the quality is superb but then you wouldn't expect anything less from Propstore. I did have a nice Casino Royale chip display which was equally as nice but I lost that to a bitter ex a good few years ago so not sure what happened to it:cry

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  9. IndyFanChuck

    IndyFanChuck Sr Member

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    I would remove the photo of the screenused COA. Someone will steal the photo and put it on eBay as a fake. Trust me.
  10. Hammerstein

    Hammerstein New Member

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    :$ man I never even thought of that, thanks for the tip, I forgot to subscribe to the thread so only just noticed, hopefully not too late!:$

  11. Ravenville

    Ravenville New Member

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    Nicely displayed.
  12. ginyu force

    ginyu force Active Member

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    I have never actually seen the movie. Is it worth watching?
  13. Strickler

    Strickler Well-Known Member

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    Epicest of necro bumps.

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