my prop room


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Just thought I'd share some pics of my prop room. These are all costumes that I use for fan films. The Stormtrooper is the only one I bought--I made all the rest myself. Some of them look kind of scraggly here because they're mounted on homemade mannequins made from PVC pipe and bubble wrap. ;)

An overview:

The wall is filled with blaster guns and lightsabers:


Ole Pussy Face:

The Empire strikes back:

Blue Five standing by:

We are Klingon! Q'apla!

Tenth century Varangian guard:

And my prized possession--a stunt prop Morita rifle from "Starship Troopers":

I have a spot next to Ole Pussy Face reserved for an Alien Bug.


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You have an awesome prop room going. Hope some time soon will have a prop room to display my stuff. Like your stormtrooper armor
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