my new custom Vampire slayer.


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not my daughter , i mean the thing she is holding. :lol

i had a few slow days at work so i threw this together out of saw blades a piece of black iron pie.
complete with leather wrappings and sharpened hardwood spike . :D

OH she does answer to Buffy.

wonder why. :angel

john :cool


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That is quite the formidable looking weapon...held by such a sweet child.
Needs a little gore on the wooden end though.
Awesome work.


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Needs a little gore on the wooden end though.

Does it? I thought Vampires in the Buffy-verse just turned to dust. You might dirty it up a bit, but I don't think gore would be appropriate. I agree that it is indeed a formidable looking weapons though. Good work Reaper57.

You must be a very proud Papa. You might want to talk to her Watcher though. Her fighting stance needs a little work ;)


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thanks guys,

i used old blades for the pitted look , i did not want it to look new.

i do need to age or dirty up the spike some though.

any thoughts will be appreciated. :)

john :cool