My dealing with Northwest Mannequin.

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    Dear All,

    I would like to say some words regarding my last dealing with Joe Miller of Northwest

    I ordered from Joe a flexible mannequin to be shipped outside the US sometime ago.
    Along the way after waiting, the mannequin I got arrived with some features I did not want.
    I told the issue to Joe and I decide since the problem is not really major, I told him to just forget about it since I can still live with it and for me to ship it back to the US would be very expensive.

    In the end, Joe decided to refund my shipping and custom fee which I say pretty daring, considering the cost is more than the mannquin it self.

    In summary I would like to say that he is a responsible person and willing to work the issue with his customer even if he probably make a lost this time.
    The next time I buy another mannequin will be definately from him again.

    Thanks for reading and the bandwitdh,

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