My Collection thus far

protokev DMD

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While reading the Secret Santa thread it was mentioned that it might be a good idea to update the world with our collections...
I did get some photoequipment and started taking nice shots...but im feeling lazy and my good cameras batteries are dead.

Plus i feel like getting some legitimate Rep points


And some of the nicer shots



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I had to go back a 2nd time and look at the nicer Pictures of the Indy Holy Grail the JP stuff and Iron Man helmet, as I was to busy drooling over the GB stuff and SW stuff(mainly GB) =)


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absolutely class collection there m8, very well presented as well, iron man helmet looks great, loving your noisy cricket as well . ;)


protokev DMD

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Looking great :thumbsup

I love the Indy display, is that the Sideshow idol?

It is the sideshow idol. Which at the moment is the best i can do...but im always on the lookout for upgrades.

I need to get a stand made for the cross to prop it up for easier viewing.

Tonight ill take a few more pics showing how the displays are in relation to each other

protokev DMD

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Recieved a new badge in the mail today so i thought id update

Its the season 2 of the new Five-0 badge

and as promised some wider shots of the overall layout


protokev DMD

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Thought about that, but it's a matter of space.

In less than a year I will be moving anyway and will have to reevaluate the display. Here's hoping for improvement