My ANH Graflex conversion


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So I happened on the KR Sabers site after watching Tested's Thermal Detonator video, and while the detonator kit was sold out, I noticed that they had a Graflex replica at a much lower price than I'd ever run into (i.e., less than $100, lol). Even if the manufacture was imperfect, it looked so good to me that I had to get one. And thankfully my delightful parents decided that it would make a good birthday gift, so they got it for me. I can't thank them enough for that, because this is my favorite saber of all time! Unfortunately for them, the website hiccuped while they were purchasing it, so now I have *two* of them. And so I naturally plan on making a TESB version, lol. But anyway, I found a nice set of parts on Etsy that looked pretty legit to me, and after they arrived I set about making my replica. It's not perfect by a LONG stretch. The grips are not all aligned and are a bit wonky. But honestly... I kind of like the look, as it makes it look handmade and a little rough, like a Star Wars prop should. But I'll let you be the judge of that.




I'm thinking of putting it in a drawer full of dirt, screws and crap and shaking it up to age it a little, lol. Anyway, hopefully it's the first in a long line of lightsabers from the original trilogy!
Really enjoyed reading your post - all the great things about collecting/making movie Props. The website blip made me laugh.... 1 saber is never enough

Great hearing how excited you were and how pleased you are with it now it's finished. Looks great, look forward to seeing your ESB
Dude, you have no idea... I have been coveting a Graflex-based saber since I was around 12, perusing the internet in its infancy, and discovered what Luke's lightsaber was made from. I remember begging my parents to go to any estate or garage/yard sale I could around town and asking the people there if there was any "antique camera equipment" they wouldn't mind letting me look at (let alone buy!). At antique stores I was always on the lookout for one, and even bought two old calculators from the 70's when I was around 16 in preparation for someday making this saber (ended up not having the right number of bubbles, though). I even found the old "Graflex from a sink tailpipe" page and wanted to make one from that, but didn't have enough confidence in my Dremel skills to even start a project like that. I was NOT going to settle for ANYTHING less than a 99% perfect replica of a Graflex! So you might say this lightsaber is THE grail lightsaber for me. :) I admit, it hasn't left my side for days, lol... I just can't stop admiring the beauty and elegance of the design!
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