MR stand plaque question/help

Dark One

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I got the MR Star Corps helmet, and put the name plate on the stand. Last night I go in my room and the name plate slid down to the bottom of the stand. It was centered when I place it on the stand. Now it's stuck all off center....... Is there a safe way to get the name plate off the stand without damaging it??????


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The same thing happened to me a few years ago with the plaque of the first MR saber I ever bought. I didn't try to remove the plaque from the stand, but instead reversed the sinking process by exerting gentle, even pressure along the bottom of the plaque with my fingers, slowly moving it upwards until it was centered on the stand again. Then I secured it with a tiny dab of clear silicon gel applied beneath the rear bottom edge of the plaque with a toothpick, and made sure the plaque stayed in position until the glue had set.

Since then I've dispensed with using MR's pre-applied sticky tape altogether. A dot of silicon gel works much better, and the plaque remains easily removable if you so choose.

A little dab'll do ya. :D