MR AT-AT side gun's color

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by ckwanwoo, Dec 19, 2005.

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    Hello Studio scale forum's members. :D

    My name is Eric.
    I live in Seoul, South Korea.
    I also one of StarWars mania.
    So, I'm trying to collect the StarWars studio scale models.

    Actually, I bought a cheap MR's AT-AT about 2 months ago on ebay.
    but its missing the side head guns. :cry
    Unfortunately, This item is already out of stock in MR web site.
    So, I can't get a part of AT-AT from MR customer service.
    Eventually, I made the side guns as below link.

    As you see, I have to painting the guns.
    But, I don't know used color for MR's AT-AT.
    If you know Plz. let me know about the MR's AT-AT color. :rolleyes

  2. Jedi Dade

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    Unfortunately you are going to have to try and mix the color yourself. I'd start out with a very light gray and mix in a bit of black or dark gray, continually matching the color against the existing model. That's the only way I know to match colors - especially on a weathered model.

    Fortunlately the guns are pretty small so once you have got the color right you will most likely have enough paint mixed to paint all that you need to.

    Good luck.
    Jedi Dade
  3. Lello999

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    Go and aks Amy. I´m quite sure she can help You. MR had some serious problems with the cases and at least mine replace case came with a new pair of sideguns, so I´m quite sure they have some left.

    Hope that helps

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