More V for Vendetta questions...

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OK, I am really hoping to go to the premier in a "V" costume, so I need to know a few things.

- What kind of hat is it that he wears? It's not a fedora, and it isn't a top hat. Also, does anyone have any sources where I might be able to find one?

- The belt buckle. Does anyone have any good close-ups of it, and any ideas of where to find one?

- The wig. I'm sure that someone on here knows some good wig sources. I can't find anything online, so if someone could help me here as well, it would be highly appreciated.

- Daggers. This is an outside chance, since the thread dedicated to these daggers hasn't been updated, but maybe something's come up.

If anyone could help me out, it would be fantastic. I really love V's style, and really want to do it justice.
i put together a costume using a modified black BDU jacket(removed the pockets, sewed on new buttons, and they come in a "tall" length). The thigh boots I ordered from a Renaissance costume site(can't remember for the life of me, but they aren't hard to find if you google). The hat was a costume Puritan hat that i cut the buckle off and shaped the brim to bend down, the site i ordered it from had 2 styles, i opted for the felt model(about 50 bucks). The wig i got from here:
and yes, buying a brown"Peggy Sue" wig was a slightly un-nerving experience. I used the black Isotoner leather gloves, and the belt was a police style utility belt that i just happened to see and fit the bill nicely(nice wide belt with a big shiny buckle). The cape was your standard black Halloween cape, and the daggers were some cheap ones i bought from a nearby martial arts/sword and knife store that i modified the handle with some vinyl to resemble the comic. The mask is fiberglass that is my own creation, and apart from the time it took to mold and cast it, the whole costume could have been put together in a couple of weeks. I went for the comic look over the movie, but aside from the hat being more of a flat crown look (kinda resembles Zorro's IMHO), and the boots looked more like the german officer boot type (knee-height) and the wig being black, it dosen't look like there's huge differences. I don't have a pic of the costume handy, but i can see if i can find one if you like. Hope this was helpful.


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Thanks a lot. That's a real help. I think, though, I'm going without the daggers this time. By Halloween I should be able to get them, but the hat, gloves, and wig are the main things I need.

On the subject of the jacket, how much was it? And is there a site that deals in them?

Thanks again.

EDIT: Nevermind on the jacket thing. I found it.
found the pic....needs some tweaking, but i'm happy with it as a first effort.....good luck with it.....looked for awhile for suitable daggers, maybe a replica will come out after the movie.......

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Excellent work indeed. If only I could find one of those jackets for cheap. Well, maybe I can find something suitable at the local GoodWill.