Modified Russrep Vader Belt Buckle

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by KevVader, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. KevVader

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    Just wanted to post a pic of my buckle that I got from Russ.....Russ has made a fine buckle but I had wanted to make it a bit more accurate so I used a small square hobby file to square off the belt slots......looks much closer, I think... although not totally screen accurate.

  2. azuma

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    It's very nice.

  3. Boba Frett

    Boba Frett Sr Member

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    Nice work Kev.
  4. Darth Kahnt

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    Looks good Kev.
  5. Clutch

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    Sweet dude. I plan on doing the same to mine.
  6. KevVader

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    Thanks boys....trying to figure out if the slots were squared or slightly tapered and the ends, in which case a triangular file would work as well...

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