modded Master Replicas E-11


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Hi fellow RPFers!

I know this is old news, but I just recently picked up one of those bad boys on here for a good price - just the gun, no extras, no stand (sadly), but that was exactly what I wanted, as I was planning to mod the hell out of it anyway.

I didn't take any before shots, so if you're not familiar with it, there are some brilliant pics here at Rebel Scum: MR Stormtrooper Blaster Gallery

Here's a quick rundown of what I did to it:
- drilled through the nozzle to open it (getting rid of the orange plug at the same time)
- opened up the slot for the cocking handle on the right side
- added a cast from original firing bolt and cocking handle
- temp spring added (will be replaced by a real spring sometime soon)
- added a real Hengstler counter and the "power cylinders" to the mag receiver
- trigger is moveable now
- security switch is moveable as well (no function though)
- made the mag removable

And some pics (not the best, sorry):







What I still might do:
- Make the folding stock work (which would mean a bit of work though)
- Replace the grip with a real one (not sure if that's possible at all!?)
- build a stand, or get one made
- add a real scope if I manage to find one cheap

So yeah, that's what kept me busy the past few days, all in all I'm quite happy with how it turned out. One step closer to a real Sterling conversion for me... one day... ;)


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I think I read that the stock is already functional -- just pinned in place under the barrel.
Get to the pin and remove it and I think it's good to go.
Whose targeting sensors did you use or did you make them yourself?


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You can make it fold out and moveable, yes. But to make it work like a real Sterling folding stock would be quite a task. As this will be a display piece mainly I don't think it's worth the hassle.

The scope is untouched and the way it came from MR, including the lens.


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Great work on this!! :thumbsup The added parts make it look wonderful. BTW is it easy to remove the mag part? i have 2 MR E-11 and the loose one has a loose mag, I'd like to make it hold better there.


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Great job! Opening up the slot is what I should've done with mine:

A real grip can be used (I did), but it requires some dremeling on the inside to make it fit.

I made the stock semi-functional but it took some work (removing some material from some of the parts inside it), and it's rather clunky. And you have to destroy its attachment to the underside of the barrel to get it loose, leaving you without a means to keep it in place when folded back up. Not worth the bother.
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made a stand for it - the background is exchangeable, but so far this was the best... I'm open to suggestions though!



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...great work! I'm converting a real Sterling and need a real Hengstler counter for it. Do you know the model number or perhaps tell me where you found yours?



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I'm thinking of starting a similar project on my extra MR blaster. How did you cut the slot for the cocking handle please?


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I sold my extra MR blaster. It is a nice piece but I already have the complete one plus the Sterling. So no need to upgrade anything anymore. ;) The funny thing is that the extra magazine I kept from my loose parts MR E-11 fits ok inside the Sterling too.
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