Mk XV tricorder instructions needed


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Hi everybody,
I got a cheap kit of this tricorder on ebay, completed with clock and electronics.
But no instructions :(

I was told it was made by a member "dstines" (sp?)

Is there the instructions around? I tried to search for it, but didn't find it.

Thanks in advance,
If it is a dstines kit, I built one years ago. I still have it and I may be able to help with some pictures and what I remember of the build.
I have some info, I hope it helps

First, gut the clock. If this is a dstines kit, it uses the speaker from the clock for sound so keep it if you want sound. Also, hold onto the clear plastic that covers the display. You can use that later to back the graphic.


There are bits that need to be removed from the inside that need to be removed so the board will fit.
If it is a dstines kit, then keep the screw post at the bottom with the two studs next to it. That's where the board attaches.
Make sure you leave the two screw posts at the top that hold the two halves together. All of the other screw posts and various bits of plastic can go.
You also have to cut a square hole in the button area so the lights can shine thru. Make sure you leave a lip for the plastic graphic backer to be glued to


You will have to create a slot in the top of the clock for the scanning bar to shine thru. I just used a small file to make it. You shouldn't need to remove much. Check the fit occasionally and you should be fine.

There are also two holes that need to be made in the front for the two LEDs that are above the main screen. The holes are supposed to be rectangular, but I just used a 1/16 drill bit to make two holes that I filled with hot glue. Dennis recommended cutting out the whole area and filling it with clear epoxy and. Then masking the rectangles off during paint leaving them clear. I'm not too great at body work, so I took the easy way out.



I run this tricorder on 2 cr-1/3n batteries for 6V of power. A battery compartment can be made using the terminals from the clock. I used hot glue to fill in the space behind the moved terminal so that the two shorter batteries fit. They can still be accessed by the battery door.

The night finder button on the back should be removed and the resulting hole filled however you want.

I used a reed switch to turn it on, so I had to imbed a magnet in the door


The plastic bit over the scanning bar on top is a 1/8 acrylic rod that I sanded to half round and used a hair dryer to bend to the shape of the top and glued down.

If you want sound, there should be two solder pads on e back of the board that you solder the leads from the clocks speaker to. It makes a cyclic beeping sound like other tricorders but with out thr whiring.

Paint is the same as the mark x.

Mine isn't screen accurate because of the things I mentioned, plus the electronics are close, but not dead on, however it is my first tricorder, so I like it the same.

I feel like I forgot some things, so any questions, by all means ask.

Wow, thank you Chuck! That helps!

Unfortunately, this kits has no speaker andd battery terminals. Even the small screws are missing and the clear plastic. And the magnet crumbled to dust after I touched it

Well, it was cheap, tough.

Gotta find me some replacment parts...

Thanks again,

Edit: I'll take a pic soon, maybe I'm missing some other parts too.
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