Minotaur Mask


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So I've made a Minotaur mask out of junk parts (I work at a automobile junk yard). The base is a center console turned around and then I zip tied a hard hat fitting inside that is adjustable.

The horns are floral swag shaped and covered with plaster strips and then painted. The nose and eye parts are also made from floral foam that my buddy (who is an artist) help sculpt them. What I really want to make is a decaying Minotaur mask like the one in Time Bandits.

I'm not a very good sculptor, so I think clay or foam maybe be a lot of work for me. I'm sure I could use liquid latex to make the rotting flesh and what not. Anyone else have any ideas for the skull (base) part of the mask?
1920x1080 of the pic above
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