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Greetings all!
Brand spanking new to the RPF.
I've been inspired by Adam Savage and Tested to start making my own props - I have a fair amount of experience with woodworking, but of course the props that I want to start with are not in my line of expertise. The first one I want to tackle is the "Bad" poster. In the video you can clearly see a "wanted" style poster that is ripped off from the wall. After some legwork, I came to the conclusion that there are 3 posters I want to reproduce:
a) The original "Bad" poster. From what I can see it says "WANTED FOR SACRILEGE" "BAD". There are some other words that I can't read. The mugshot number is "T3426" and the pictures are actually of Martin Scorsese, who directed the video.

b) The "Badder" video. I think around the same time as the original video, there was a "kids" version. In this version the poster says "WANTED FOR QUESTIONING" "BAD", the number was "T4288" and the pictures were of Michael Jackson

c) The "Fat" video - "Weird Al" Yankovic's version. This poster says "WANTED FOR GLUTTONY" "FAT", the number is "T3426" (just like in the original) and the picture is of Weird Al with the Fat suite.

I've done some googling to see if the mugshot images are available, but no luck so far.

If anyone has any suggestion on resources or general ideas on how to reproduce posters, I would really appreciate the feedback.



PS: Who's bad?!


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Hi. I was looking into this to see if I could help, but there aren't any really good images out there. The suggestion I could give you is to take this image and paint over the photo, introducing sharper lines and blend the colors etc.to enhance the photo manually.
For the side view I'd suggest to get a side view photo of Weird Al and it doesn't have to be in his fat suit. Adding some fatness to him.
It's a nice and funny prop and I'm interested in doing it myself, but I just don't have the time atm.

Good luck!
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