Interest MGC Mauser Grip Hardware for Blasters


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MGC Replica Hardware:
Grip Hardware.JPG


Original MGC hardware:

MGC Grip Hardware Right.JPG
MGC Grip Hardware Left.JPG

I'll get some better photos posted at some point, but I thought I would put this out there to see if there was any interest.

The hardware will include one flat head, single slotted bolt with a rounded end, one male and one female escutcheon. The escutcheons will be knurled brass and blackened. All measurements will match the original MGC hardware and there are differences between this hardware and the original c96 Mauser grip hardware: The escutcheons are larger and the bolt is flat; also larger in diameter.

Price will be $35 per set.
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i just bought some dark gray ones, ****. Will these be like the original color"effect"?
I will be black anodizing the parts, so it should come out the same color.

If you're talking about the actual grips, I can cast them in a brown color, but it won't be as dark as what you see in the reference photo above.


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I'm not sure if I'll have a prop budget when these come out - BUT I want to bump for interest. The community needs MGC grips, MGC grip hardware, etc. for replacing "9" grips and for upgrading Denixs/replicas!

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