Question Members with 0 posts and the junkyard? (answered)

I've had a couple of things listed on the junkyard recently and I have gotten 3members with 0 posts sending me PM's asking about the things for sale.

How are they able to even access that info?

Could it be that they have more than one board account?

Anyone else having this problem?
When I was a new member I was able to look at the Junkyard I just couldn't post hence my 1 infraction for soliciting outside the junkyard
Yeah, they can access the Junkyard now. I think the only thing left they can't access is the OT Forum, but don't hold me to that.
New members can post in the Junkyard New Member "WTB" Thread and in sales threads. They should not post in other member's WTB threads.

Since posts in the Junkyard do not count toward a member's post count, a member with only posts in the JY will have a zero post count.

New members do not have access to the OT forum.
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