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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Tatooine_Todd, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Tatooine_Todd

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    This has probably been hashed and re-hashed, but does anyone know when MR is planning to bring out an X-Wing and Tie Fighter? I have just begun getting into the studio scale line (pre-ordered the Y-Wing, have a best offer pending on eBay for the Snow Speeder, and hope to buy the walker this week), and want more.

    I know the Falcon is coming up soon, I wish they had a program like flex-pay over at Sideshow, that would ease the blow.
  2. RedTwoX

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    As far as I am aware, MR has not made any annoincement regarding an X-Wing or TIE fighter in studio scale. They would be foolish not to produce an X-Wing. It's more likely that these two items are just too far out on the production time line for there to be any information available to the public.

    I expect the X-wing will happen, just don't hold your breath waiting for it. The TIE is a little more Iffy in my opinion.
  3. Tatooine_Todd

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    Why would the TIE be "iffy"? The X-Wing and TIE are the 2 most iconic ships from Star Wars, with the exception of the Falcon. I would think they would have no trouble whatever selling every one they could produce.
  4. Stormtrooper

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    I reckon MR will concentrate on other ships / vehicles first before releasing a SS X-Wing or TIE because Icons produced 'em years ago...
    Maybe they'll release a TIE Inteceptor before a plain 'ol vanilla TIE?

  5. RedTwoX

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    It's just my opinion. The TIE is iconic, but it's also very common. There's nothing special about it. I would expect a Vader TIE Advanced Prototype long before they do the standard TIE. Then again, I'm surprised the they did Y-Wing as early as they have... so what do I know.
  6. Tatooine_Todd

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    That makes sense. It will be interesting to see this line develop. They have lots to choose from:
    Desert Skiff
    TIE Bomber
    Imperial Shuttle
    Land Speeder

    and if they really wanted to get crazy...Ships from the Rebel Fleet (doubtful).

    Hopefully, they will stick with the true models before they start the CGI ships from the prequels.
  7. temponaut

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    You know, I could have sworn the MR Snow Speeder was originally advertised as "3/4 Studio Scale" on the MR site, although I don't see anything about "3/4" written there now.

  8. HDPE

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    I'm in two minds about getting a MR snowspeeder or not, one of the reason being it's not really studio scale :confused .
  9. PHArchivist

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    They could also probably pull off the "3-foot" Star Destroyer, I suppose. Per info on the RPF, it was actaully longer than 3', but I don't suppose the overall size/mass would be bigger than the Falcon they're making...

    But of course, these are just random thoughts at this point -- I could be way off here.
  10. AlltoEasy

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    im looking forward to the x-wing, my bet is next year for the 30th anniversary.
  11. rudolpht

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    Now THAT would be something. I'm in. Then the Super Star Destroyer after it.
  12. Hez

    Hez Well-Known Member

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    Have you seen the size of the original super star destroyer model? I used to have pics that I took from the Art of Star Wars...the * thing is nearly 8' long. :p

    I do recall the regular star destroyer being longer than 3' as well, but it might have just been a different model. They would both be something to behold in a collection room though.
  13. tripoli

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    Funny, but MR has been following the basic lines produced by Lego in their large scale technic line at about the same time. It may be co-incidence or LFL may have a list they would be preferring licensees to follow.

    If its a real possibility, the list would include the Star Destroyer, X-Wing, Advanced Tie fighter and Rebel Blockade Runner and Death Star. (Snow speeder, AT-AT and Y-wing done by both now.)
    The Milllinium Falcon has been done on a somewhat smaller smaller scale recently by Lego while its in the works right now by MR.

    Just a thought to pop out there.
  14. elwood49

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    I've got the AT-AT SE, and I plan to get 1 or 2 vehicles to go with it. The TIE Advanced X-1 is a must for me, and I'm considering the Falcon if I can find some space to actually display it effectively. If I don't get the Falcon, then I'll probably get an X-Wing or a Slave I if/when they ever do those.
  15. BrundelFly

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    Im not an MR spokesperson, nor do I play one on TV.

    But I do know LUCAS will not let two versions of the same thing be out at once.
    Forexample. MR cant touch the VADER TIE because the CODE 4 version is out. Most of WHAT they BRING out is dictated more by scheduling to avoid such overlaps.

    As far as the two ships I would GUESS they skipped em due to the Market being someone saturated due to the ICONS versions.

    It would be nice if they reconsider that for the 30th anniversery of ANH.

    Dont you agree?
  16. yodaman

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    I agree, and hope that is a foreshadowing of what's to come ;)

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