Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin off


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How the heck are they going to do this? Is this because Agents of Shield is supposed to end with Civil War?


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Calling it now: Marvel's Agents of Real S.H.I.E.L.D.

Where does all this talk of the show ending when the next Cap movie is out come from? Source?


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Ugh, for the love of god why?!? I think I've made my opinion about AoS pretty loud and clear on this forum so this should come as no surprise. Considering AoS really feels like nothing more than fillers for the MCU, and there's not a single character on that show worth following, I don't know who at Marvel thought a spin-off would be a good idea. AoS ratings are also not particularly great, someone at ABC should pick up the phone and crush this immediately.

If Marvel wants to do a COMPLETELY NEW show, now we're talking.


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I'm on board if, and only if, they have a good writing team with fewer episodes per season so the production is lean and polished.


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The continuation of Agent Carter is in doubt, but AoS is not only highly likely to go for a third season, it's getting it's own spinoff? I enjoy AoS but I push it off a cliff if it meant one more season of Agent Carter. Maybe if this was the formation of SHIELD with Peggy in the lead, I'd be down.


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I can't remember where I read it but it was one of the Whedons saying there was/is no intention of keeping it going. I will try and find it again.


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Even if that was the initial though, nothing means it has to stay that way. Shield didn't die in the comics did it?

Two things pop to mind for spinoffs though:
Inhumans (wherever skye's at now)
Specialized division of shield

Could also be something we've not seen yet. There are what? 5 more eps to go?
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