Magnum PI

You can find them online and cheaper sometimes.

I had most of his Aloha shirts already when the show came on as I was already collecting them when i was in the Service

When I was in Oahu, this little mom and pop clothing store had some of the Paradise Found Magnum shirts. I couldn't help but buy one.

The little old lady is ringing me up, and she says "we also have the purple one."

"I think I'm good." (it was $60!)

"You'll be back. Everyone comes back."

I didn't. I had ordered an old-school Tigers hat to wear out there, but it didn't arrive in time.
Thanks guys, love the show, the characters and the really good stories over the years. My father loved it as well..had the stache and everyone said he looked like Tom selleck..had the big head He died in 96' so funny how collecting that stuff and watching the dvds really helps me remember good times.
Been watching the show with guys at work and I showed them your collection and they went nuts, great stuff.

Well just tell them.."HI GUYS" best Magnum and I said thanks. Also plan to drink some ole longnecks as well...maybe some "MACHO TACO" or chilli dogs...and some fig newtons...MAGNUMESQUE meal....:love
Incredible ... I loved that show ! back then I had an old red fiat X1/9 that wanted to be that 308!!!! or maybe that was me that wanted it to be that 308 .... Ha!
i haven't seen the show in a long time. always wanted one of the team rings. i recently found a screen cap for one of the first episodes of a secret intelligence agent id for william j. hooker. anyone remember what this agency was? also i remember toms selleck's character was a navel person. was his character a nis navel investigative service agent in the past? its been so long since i have seen the show and my memory of it is a bit fuzzy.
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