Ma. K. Encyclopedia Recieved from HLJ!

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Mike J., Sep 24, 2003.

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    Ha ha! What a wonderful thing to come home to [​IMG]

    Shipping time: 16 days, from Japan to me in Orlando, Fl.

    Hardcover, too. With an obi & dustjacket...

    About a hundred color pages of good pics of Kow's models, plus lots of filler data and backstory (all in Japanese, except for names & stats).

    This is a great reference for the harder-to find pics of models; like the Dollhouse, the Sandstalkers, the Banana Boat, Falke, and the Schenkel. Good pics of the Nutrocker, too (the original 1/20 [​IMG] and some pics of a built-up kit version).

    Unfortunately, the following are not included: the Cerberus, Firefly, Salamander, Sphinx, Kangaroo, and the Raptor.

    Additional pics of various originals can be found here, however:

    As a bounus, it includes a small section in the back about kitbashing; which has diagrams & kit lists for the Dollhouse and the Schenkel (though entirely in Japanese).


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