LS Japanse Kit Guns


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That would have been MGC, Model Gun Corporation. An Amercian company, RMI, Replica Models Incorporated, reboxed the MGC guns and sold them under their name. You would see their ads in gun and hobby magazines and would look similar to the ones I've attached here. At first all the models were unable to use caps and some had gimmicks like the Walther P-38 and PPK where you pulled the trigger and the slide would come back imitating the action of the pistol. The LS models were the next iteration of the model gun with plug-fire guns starting to appear in the late '70s.


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I used to collect these in the 80's, they made great wall hangers.
As it is still a kit, It is totally legal to sell "as is" without any issues, You could try selling it on Gunstar or over at Free forum : MP40's Modelguns Forum but I would put the value closer to £70 - £90 mark unless its absolutely mint and you could push to £125
It only becomes an issue if the kit is built up, then it becomes a RIF (realistic imitation firearm)
Still totally legal to own and sell but you need to make sure that the buyer is VCR compliant.
Some good info here for LS kits (use google translate)
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