Looking for Ennex O'Won


New Member
Anyone know if there are any of these kits floating around? Apparently I heard about it too late (since they're no longer in production), and I just had one sniped from me on eBay last night, so I thought I'd check here as a last-ditch effort. I'd love to get a 1/1400 scale fleet going, and of course I'd have to have an NX-01 to go with them...


Sr Member
Good luck. I've seen few on EBay. I actually ordered one during the second open time to do so from TM, and never got one from them. They cashed the check in a heartbeat though. Have to send a copy of the cancelled check, copies of other correspondence and a nasty letter to get my $ back. I hope you have an easier time of it...! They did look quite nice.
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