looking for antler for knife handle


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I am looking for antler for a knife handle. It needs to be about 2" in diameter and 1"-1.5" in length. I'll take what I can get but would prefer elk or something indigenous to the slavic regions.

Anyone know where I could get something like that other than ebay & etsy?


You could try any place on line that sells knifemaking supplies. Try Jantz knifemaking supply. They usually have it.
It may sound weird, but you could also try some of the pet shops or livestock supply places. One of the pet supply places near me in Champaign IL sell large pieces of deer antler as dog treats. Some of them are pretty good size.


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You can try a good pet store. Antler has become a popular healthy chew toy for dogs. I seen it in two different stores so far Petco and Petsmart.


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Long been interested in doing Brad Pitt's knif from Legends Of The Fall - antler handle. I think director Zwick kept the original.


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Thanks all! I found plenty of them at the pet store. I found a dealer on etsy with some good prices who was willing to send pictures and measurements.

Here's the knife I am putting a handle on.

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