Looking for a machinist


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Hey gang,

A few years ago, a (no longer) member here (AA) offered aluminium wolverine claws based on the movie set. Well one of my claws got seriously mangled, and while trying to repair it, I made it substantially worse.

I was wondering if it would be possible for someone here, who works with metal, to make a new one based on one of my old good ones (i.e. reverse engineer a good one).

Here's my dilema though; how does this jive with the rest of the board? Would this be considered recasting? AA hasn't made these since that run and he no longer has any working contact info (at least that I could find). While he was still a member here, I accidentally busted one of the mounting systems (for the claws) and I tried to purchase a new one from him, but he never responded.

So what say you? Is a one-off replacement part a recast? If not, is there someone out there willing to help me out (assuming fees aren't astronomical)? I'd probably also need a replacement mount/grip.

Let me know what you think.



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Sounds to me more along the lines of a repair or restoration than a recast, the same way you might ask a woodworker to turn a new leg for a damaged table, using the existing good legs as models. For your project, there's nothing to be molded or cast in the first place, is there? From your description, it sounds as if your original pieces will be used for measurements, but that the new piece will be machined from scratch.

If I've understood correctly, this sounds okay to me.

What do others think?