Licensed Mal Browncoat from Firefly/Serenity?


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Thought I read somewhere about someone coming out with a licensed MAL coat that wasn't going to cost a zillion bucks...does anybody have any info on this?


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It was Museum Replicas that said they'd be producing one:

They said it'd come out some time this summer, along with the Operative's sword. I've not heard anything else since.

For what it's worth, I got some elven boots from 'em once upon a time, and the quality was.. well, ok, but not particularly good. I'm no certain what to expect from 'em if it works out.


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In the clothing department, quality can vary. I live about an hour and change south of their store, so I make a pilgrimage once in a while to see what's neat and new. Some of their clothing looks to be top notch, some of it a little better than you can make at home.