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This is the awessome Aquaman suit from League of justice the photo has posted on twitter of ZackSnyder
Ideas for costume?
(sorry for my english i'm portuguese) B-RAWTjCcAAF81b.jpg large.jpg
I am not a fan of the bearded Aqua man. I prefer the Geoff Johns New 52 reboot clean shaven or stubble look. However the armor and body art looks nice
Aquaman is one of my favourites and I'm really good with this casting as I think Momoa is a darned good actor. I'm sincerely hoping this brings Aquaman's legitimacy up to the next level.
I started work on some parts of this. We will see how much of the new style actually makes it into my final costume but all in all I like the look.
As someone who's really not an Aquaman fan, I actually really love this design.

I think it fits the tone of the DC cinematic universe perfectly, and I can definitely see this guy standing next to Batman and Superman and not looking ridiculous haha :\

The classic design would not have worked at all in my opinion, so I'm glad they've redesigned it this way.

Plus, Jason Momoa is a believably tough leader-type dude so he'll definitely be able to portray the King of Atlantis in an awesome way.
I believe I read, "I love aquaman" been around comics for a very long time and that's probably the first time I ever heard that. In any regard, it is a good cast for Aquaman, however he will always just look like Kahl Drogo to me. Will be interesting to see how they write his story.
If it doesn't have three prongs, doesn't it cease to be a TRIdent? What is it a Quindent?

Personally I think it may be a rake used for keeping the sea free of leaves. At the time the photo was taken he was not ready for war or heroing and was just tidying up.
Maybe it's a pool skimmer, I heard Zach Snyder changed his origin and he's going to be Bruce Wayne's pool boy.
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