Latest blaster(hope this loads up this time


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Hi all

Just wanted to show you my latest Stormtrooper blaster of the bench.

Key Features

All metal construction
working metal 1.5X scope cast from original M19
Sound chip generating loud laser sound each time trigger pulled
working counter keeps track of shots fired
High power LED cluster light up when trigger pulled
working spotter laser
working stock
cocking handle can be moved and is spring loaded
mag tubes house seek and search torch in one and UV light for document checks in the other
all metal and resin castings taken from original Sterling

I like to make things do somthing but wish I was a better at taking pictures, I hope its new owner will like it



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Originally posted by Treadwell@Apr 2 2006, 10:48 PM
Looks far as I can tell from all the jpg artefacting. ;)

Thanks I will improve the picture quality but I hate waiting for pictures to down load