LAST CALL - Donations for Waynes Kids


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Guys this fundraiser has been phenomenal and I am very proud to have done this for Wayne's four children. I know Wayne is smiling right now knowing that his children's futures will be a little easier without thier father.

As a group of Old Timers, Noobs, In-Betweeners, Non-Members and EVEN some BANNED members we have raised a total of $4,300.22 USD or 2,341.90 GBP. I am so damn proud of everyone that contributed big and small, we did a Great thing.

Having said that, it is now time to make one last call for donations. I know everyone is probably ready to move forward and so am I, as I know Wayne would want us to.

To my friends and family here, I thank you.

What's the absolute close date for this? I still may have another $50 coming from my book sale. Waiting on a PM.

And $4300. Wayne, indeed, is smiling.

That's just incredible... it's unbelievably touching to see people come out and offer their support like this.

I too am proud of everyone (including you, Greg. Your quaterbacking this effort was a wonderful thing.)

thank you to everyone who took part in this..

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I'm still waiting for word from that possible buyer. Sent them an email an hour ago.

Okay I can hang until you get final word

I am still working on my project for Wayne, the Ravenwood Diary, but we can work something out at a later date to donate the funds.


Is the fund closed? Just got in the 10-disc boxed set of the 40th Anniversary edition of The Prisoner that I'll try to sell if not.

Sad thing is that this is something I used to immediately just box up and send to Wayne. He loved the Brit TV stuff. I gave him tons of it.

What was the final tally for the fund?
I haven't been around much this last two weeks. Just checked in to see what was happening. Wow. I am amazed.

Thanks JDH for the effort made and compassion expressed.

I sure do miss Wayne.
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