Kickstarter to try and restart TSI Gold Box videogame series


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Well that's something to keep an eye on.

Without SSI I never would have met my wife. We and a bunch of friends played the Neverwinter Nights MMO on AOL in the mid 90's.


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Heh, I'm getting ready to move so things are all scattered about atm, I just came back into the room and what do I see sticking out from under two CD wallets? The manual for Dungeon Hack :D


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The Gold Box games were great. I could never beat Secret of the Silver Blades, though, with that random map. But the first two were AWESOME.

Wes R

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I never would have heard about this thing if i hadn't been trying to figure out how to reach level 32 in Destiny without killing myself in multiplayer lol.
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