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Okay, so Im buddies with Ari Lehman he played the very first Jason Vorhees as the "little jason" that jumps out of Crystal Lake to snatch Adrienne King's chracter out of the boat at the end of the end of the film he was 14 years old at the time. Ari now has a band called "First Jason" he plays the "Keychette" a keyboard attached to a sword, I redesigned his original version about a year ago and this is what i came up with( I will post pics of his original version as well, it was a anime sword he found.) the machete is blue foam based covered with fiberglass mat and then bondo finished and painted. It also has a real wood handle with brass bolts and a leather wrap. The lightup Jason emblem is a self contained "puck" made out of mainly styrene and acrylic with three red LEDS powered by a 9v. battery which is concealed in the handle of the machete, it turns on/off by a low profile toggle switch which is also conceled in the handle. Ill add some band shots too with the keyboard mounted(he prefered duck tape as far as style goes duck tape it was) Ill also post the orginal concept drawing i did as well, it was based off a Jason machete reference i found online(once again sorry i cant recall the movie the machete was based off, i guess ill have to work on that). Thank you for checking out my work and please till me what you think. Thank you

Oh and the pic with Ari and Danny- Keychette meet Machette:) I laughed when i first saw it.



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I like it too. I wish I could have gotten my handle on the Machete I am making to look so good. I wouldn't mind having one of these.
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