Just picked up a gig on the Daily Star Trek News website

Oh yeah, I understand. But for instance, the editor let's you rip into stuff he agrees with, and if he gets pushback, he can point at you. Even if the buck stops with him *wink*

It is a symbiosis. Just like a guest in your house is (hopefully) there because you *want* them there, you dont prepare steak if the guest is vegan.

What you create helps or hurts both you and the editor.

Gratz again on getting noticed!
I don't know if in the U.S. you have the same expression, or similar thought, as in Europe; but in my household my Father always greeted our guest with the phrase: "Welcome, do what you want but don't forget that you're in my home";)
I was just offered a permanent “journalist” position now with the site.

Not sure if I want to though.

I just signed with a Japanese YouTuber “Louture”to write and illustrate a children’s book about their new baby otter named Tororo.

I’m going to be busy with that as they want it ready for print in a few months.

And I’ve signed with my current publisher for another Sherlock Holmes anthology that will come out late 2023 or early 2024.

But the Star Trek site isn’t much effort and it will be noticed by so many more…

Help me RPF Kenobi…:)
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What is "permanent" and their idea of it:unsure: You sure have a lot of iron in the fire (now and in the near future)...so which one is the priority?
Well, I was asked to cover for a week, which turned into three, and now they want me to be a daily staff writer.

Basically I write articles Sunday - Thursday for a Monday- Friday release.

As you’ve seen, there’s not too much to them, basic repeats of information gleaned and quotes from other sources. I am starting to be able to put some of my personality into them, which is fun.

I may give it another month, but the biggest push is going to be the Otter book. They have 250k subscribers and even if only 10% buy it, that will put it in a bestseller category.

Which could hopefully finally attract an agent and then I could go after Simon and Shuster or Titan books, a big publisher.
Have to share this!

Will Wheaton quoted my review of his comic book as a shout out on his Facebook page.


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