James Bond on Amazon Prime Apr 15

Not too surprising, the Bond franchise alone was probably enough for Amazon to want to buy MGM, second would be its vast library of older shows and movies. This is despite what Stargate fans might think.
I think the majority are only on for two months, except for the latest one that will be on for a year. It's funny, it seems like everytime I search for a free show or movie it shows up a little while later. It's either a coincidence, or tracking cookies are working in my favor. Yea, it's a coincidence, LOL
Does not include the original Casino Royale or Never Say Never Again as they were made by someone else is what was said in an article yesterday. If they own it, not sure why they're limiting it to two months.
Guess I was wrong, Bond not free for me. Guess they just meant you could rent them on prime. I thought you could already do that, my bad ! Turns out it's only in the UK. Didn't see that in the first article. Damn it !
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Never Say Never Again was pretty contentious in its production and technically not part of the Bond "universe" iirc although it is Bond. It does have a controversial seduction scene as well.

Weird why they would only limit it to a month. I did binge the Bond films in my younger days (actually liked Timothy Dalton and was mixed with Moore. I did like Brosnan due to nostalgia as first Bond and the gadgets but it is a departure).

Feel keeping them would keep people more invested in watching Prime. Not going to lie, after getting Netflix, I really dont watch Prime. Netflix has a ton of trashy reality TV.

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