James Bond 007 - Diamonds are Forever - Playboy Membership Card


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I actually started this before the Circus Circus card, but couldn't find a reference for the back of the card, so put it on hold.

The original design (for the back) I posted, I have been informed, is "copied" from another prop makers work. So that I don't get accused of "recasting" I have decided to withdraw it until I have redesigned the back (currently doing it now).

The Card will return soon.

Until next time....

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Here is the new Updated version of my Playboy Membership Card.

The Back has been totally redone, hopefully this time I won't step on anybodies toes.

As before there are two version in the PDF, v1 is a fold over, v2, is Double sided.

View attachment 129956

PDF Attached.

Any Comments, Corrections, or suggestions let me know.

Until next time.

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