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Gone but not forgotten.
OK, LAME.....

Well, I have been waiting and WAITING
since I figured there would be TONS of
Stargate ship's out by NOW ??????????

Well, since no one else decided to go for
it I decided to make one MYSELF.

Of all the ships on the show I think the
AL'KESH is a very cool design. You can see
some of my progress pics below.

Top view with " pie shaped " pyramid attached.


Rear view of the empty Engine bay. They will
come later in the build.


And we have what I have been currently working on,
the underbelly of this BEAST ! Major
HEAVEN for you detail nut's...



If you look towards the forward nose section you
can see where the Ring Transports come out from the fuselage.
I decided to just scribe in the panel lines for the
opening doors instead of actually MAKING a hole with ring's !

{ Too much work for somethign so tiny! }

The circular section towards the rear is where
the Cannons will be mounted.

So far it's shaping up nicely.

I am saving doing a TON of scribed panels lines
on the hull until I join together the two halves.

I know some think it's NUT'S, but I love all the
crazy designs the CGI guys put into this thing
for the show!



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Gone but not forgotten.
How dies that saying go?

Devil's in the DETAILS...

And this is the Mid Range Bomber,
the Al'Kesh.

As for the mold able, well, I'd wager
there's some RTV in this puppy's future !


BTW Sluis, if your looking for the
Cargo Ship " SOMEDAY " in the future Warp
is " supposed " to release there's ?!??!?!

Mind you, if was slated for LAST SUMMER !


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Ya know I really need to to get out and meet the Ohio boys. Sluis lives like less than 20 minutes from me at best and I've hardly spoken to him. Wolf, you're somewhere in Ohio as I recall but not in the Dayton area. Hopefully you guys can make it to the prop party in Michigan and if anyone wants to car pool, I'm up for it. Sorry to get off topic.

Your modeling skills are awesome Wolf. I still think I saved your B5 shadow ship tutorial. At least I think it was yours.


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Gone but not forgotten.
WELL, bit by bit I am getting there...

Actually, making the WHOLE HULL has taken me LESS
time then all the " greeblies " and panel line
scribing I've been doing on this thing !??!

Here's a short update again..

First up is the " Cockpit " of the thing.
Took me three tries to get the shape RIGHT!



I didn't have an change handy, but that thing is
about half dollar sized..

Next is one Engine. I actually went a little crazy
making it up as they engines are " cowled " in the
rear of the hull so you don't see them too well.
But, if you do a thing, might as well do it RIGHT !



I made just one as I will make a small mold of it
and cast up the FOUR engines necessary for this
thing. Oh, and since I STILL didn't have any change
for a comparison shot that thing measures 3/4"
around. Now, I NEED to take a break!

GREEBLEIZING all afternoon can give you a headache..

Thanks again Wacky Chimp !!


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Looking awesome Wolf. How's she progressing? I was interested in learning what materials you made this from. I'm assuming sheet styrene for some parts but some foam elsewhere perhaps?


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Gone but not forgotten.
Pretty much DONE now...

I have a few panel lines left to scribe then on Monday shes heading OUT the door to a fellow that is casting them
up for me. I've never had a roto-cast kit before so it
will be interesting to see how well these come out ?

Here's two quick shots of it, I'll add more
detailed shots later on.

My crappy old camera can't begin to pick up
on all the little things added to the hull.




As to how I made it up. A hodge podge of materials.
I first carved HALF the hull in bass wood and then made
a cheap urethane mold of it. Then cast up TWO resin pieces from that for the TOP and BOTTOM halves of the Hull. From there it's ALLLLLLLLLLLOT of sheet styrene for the greeblies
and good ol' fashioned bondo for some sculpted add on parts!



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That is a work of art that I can really appreciate
because I know how much work goes into details like that.

Great Job..

So when will these be available for sale?...hint..hint..nudge..nudge..;)


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Gone but not forgotten.
Thanks for the kind words, I do appreciate it... :)

The Master has been done for some time now, I just
have to wait for a friend to get caught up on his order's
as he is going to use his roto-casting machines to
make me my hull's for this monster . :p

I WILL keep this Thread updated as to when
I get the whole thing ready to go out the door . :thumbsup


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Gone but not forgotten.
Thanks... :D

Hopefully these wil be ready to
go OUT the door in about 2 months ???

Give or take, I am having someone
else cast them and as I only want NICE
casting's for this puppy I am willing to wait
in line for my resin goodness... B)

Oh and as to SG1 being GOOD.. YOU BETCHA' ..

I can't WAIT for next Season to start..
Between Browder, special apperances by
Claudia AND the EVER HOT Lexa Doig
on the show it will be a GREAT SEASON ..

{ Jack or NO Jack... }

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