Jaffa KREE Al'Kesh Part 2 !!

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Wolvster1, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Wolvster1

    Wolvster1 Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    Well, since the old thread is pretty well nuked as all
    the old images are gone I figured I'd start a NEW shiny one .


    Here's some progress shot's of the rotocast hull's
    of the Al' Kesh kit.. I decided after makign a few that
    Purple was " THE " color to go with... :p





    And a nice shot of the " pyramid " top to the ship..


    The biggest hold up to this thing so far is the stand.. I " WAS "
    going with a nice simple stand.. But, after looking at it for a
    LONG time I decided AGAINST it as I really HATED it..

    Soooo, I decided to make something more special for
    the kit and I got this idea watching the Stargate MOVIE
    the other day.... :love


    The Base itself will be about 8 inches around, plenty of support
    for the Al' Kesh as it's hollow cast so it's not THAT heavy . :angel

    The Al' Kesh itself will be 13.5 inchs in length and only be a few parts as
    most of the detail pieces are already molded inot the body...

    { As you can tell from the pic's... } :)

    Hopefully, GOD'S WILLING this wil lbe ready to go in about 2 week's .

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  2. cobywan

    cobywan Sr Member

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    That's a very classy base. Are the constellation markings meaningfull? Perhaps a specific gate address?
  3. Watson

    Watson Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I believe that is the stone tablet that is the gate address from Abydos back to Earth.

  4. phase pistol

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    (eyes glow, voice flanged)

    Excellent. You are quite talented. Your death will be quick and painless. :angry

    (eyes back to normal)

    Oh hi guys. Nice guuld thingie. :D

    - k
  5. Wolvster1

    Wolvster1 Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    Thanks guys.... :$

    I modeled the base after the center stone
    of the coverstones used in the original
    Stargate Movie... They just looked so cool
    and seemed a rather natural idea for a base after
    seeing the movie again...

  6. RickDTM

    RickDTM Sr Member

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    It all looks very cool. I really like the base and detail of the ship. :D
  7. Jestefarean

    Jestefarean Sr Member

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    stunning...simply stunning
  8. Gigatron

    Gigatron Sr Member

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    [geek moment] Actually, it's the gate address TO Abydos from Earth. You can tell because Earth's gate symbol is the 7th symbol (point of origin) [end geek moment].

    That is if he used the same gate symbols as the movie :)

  9. Wolvster1

    Wolvster1 Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    Just a short update..

    FINALLY got the base done and here's
    a shot of that..


    Found some REALLY nice sandstone spray at Home Depot
    to shoot the base with. Gives it a very nice " pebbly " finish
    that I think the coverstone should have... :D

    Also, a close up... Hard to see all the details in
    this thing but you get an idea I hope.... ;)


    Hopefully get some pic's of the Al'Kesh I am working on now
    for box art up this weeknd . :D
  10. cobywan

    cobywan Sr Member

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    You got a little tear out there. :)
  11. Firefoxm31

    Firefoxm31 Sr Member

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    very nice there , like the stars...guess you got it done .
    Congradulations...by the way, I'm casting you know what this monday.
  12. Wolvster1

    Wolvster1 Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    Yup Will, got her done.. Mind you that does
    NOT mean I wouldn't care to have what we talked about BEFORE ...


    And, without further ado more updates... :D

    Finaly got the beast assembled { for the most part }
    and started painting it up...



    I know it's hard to tell from the picture but that blasted thing
    has FIVE different shades of gray on it... :lol

    I still have allot more weathering to do on it, Lord know's
    I'm NOT that great at it but it NEEDS to get more dirty .


    And, last but not least the stand...



    Turned out allot nicer then I had hoped it would.. Only thing left is to get
    a HEFTY rod to support this beast.... I'll post FINISHED pictures of it
    when she's all assembled.. For now, it's Saturday and I'm ready to kick
    back and drink a few....


    If anyone is interested in a kit,
    shoot me an email here....

  13. REL

    REL Sr Member

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    Man this is amazingly sweet.
  14. corranhornjje

    corranhornjje Well-Known Member

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    Curious why you did not rotocast the whole thing as one piece, but instead left the pyramid off? Only reason I can think of is for lighting. Which is a fine reason in of itself.
  15. Wolvster1

    Wolvster1 Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    Oh, that's an easy question....

    SIZE ............ :D

    The mold for the hull is MASSIVE and barely
    fits in the rotocaster I'm using now . While it
    has a HEFTY width and length to it , WITHOUT the
    top it's fairly low profile... I honestly don't think the
    caster could have handeled the load if the entire hull
    was in the mold...

    And your right, once you dremel out the top
    of the hull you have LOT'S of room to " fish around "
    the inside for a light kit.... :love

    Annnnnnnd here's some pictures of the finished
    kit on it's base... :D



    It was a fun build, but the NEXT one will be better as I am doing
    a lighting kit for THAT one...

    { This was a test, and ONLY a TEST . } :lol

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