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Stupid question, but for the people who have an Iwata HP-CS, how often should you fully disassemble it to clean it? The paper with it never says anything other than to rinse the color cup. With my Paasche VL I used to do it every time because paint got up inside it.


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I've been airbrushing for 25+ years and do custom airbrushing on the side. I use Iwata almost exclusively except for my large guns for clear coating. I disassemble and clean my airbrushes after every session. If I reuse an airbrush during a session, I just run cleaner through it for color changes. I might take it apart if I'm doing an extreme color change like blue to yellow type of color change, but I don't often do that as I have the luxury of multiple airbrushes. I do have a Paasche VL also which I use on occasion. Same rule applies. Just remember, run cleaner till it comes through clear, and then run a little more through to be safe. Invest in a good set of cleaner brushes and lube. Makes a world of difference. Hope I've helped.
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I always do a full break down cleaning after a session.
Unless your trying to get the same look that ILM did for ANH, than you should clean it well.
They used dirty brushs.

Just my 2 cents.


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Medea has an excellent set of airbrush cleaning brushes. They come in all sizes including one for your paint cups to tiny little ones for your tips. The smallest one can do a really good job on an Iwata Eclipse tip. For smaller tips such as the HP-C and Custom Microns, you might have to use a toothpick on the tip. Be gentle though. I use only cleaner on them as I clean my Custom Micron religously. You can pick up these brush sets at www.bearair.com or your local art shop if they are well stocked. Medea also makes the airbrush lube which I recommend highly as well. I lube my brushes after every cleaning. Hope I've been of some help.
Cheers, Kevin
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