Iron Man glove (yet another) WIP


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Hello guys!
Hope, this post will help someone who trying to do gloves too.

I almost completed my Mark 43 suit and now it is time to make gloves, one of the hardest part.
So, I went through a lot of pep versions and materials - foam, paper, cardboard, clay, etc. After a month of trying, in the end I chose cardboard hardened with Super PVA glue and cars putty.

Here's unsuccessful versions:


First, I remade glove in Max, which then can be printed later when I buy 3d-printer.
Fingers are made by the images of Zabana's fingers (I like his fingers shape), simplified for cardboard.

???????? 1.png

(yes, little wrong color zones, but it's just a test renders).

Well, started with unfolding:

2015-02-10 14-11-12 ?????? ?????????? 25.01.15 - Pepakura Designer 3.png

I use simplified scheme by ignoring some details. For example, top of fingertips cutted later, it's easier.

20150204_175737.jpg 20150204_175723.jpg 20150205_115310.jpg

After a lot of cutting-gluing, all fingers was done and ready for hardening.


As I wrote above, I use Super PVA glue for this because the outside is winter and I can not work at home with a polyester resin (strong bad smell, damage and two children at home). It holds shape well enough.
After strengthening, I decided to use a guitar string to connect parts of the fingers together.

«There are many strings on me...»


So, now I'm at the stage of assembling all the fingers on the strings.

20150210_135654.jpg 20150210_135939.jpg 20150210_135858.jpg 20150210_135911.jpg 20150210_135921.jpg 20150210_135931.jpg

That's all for now, continue soon, thanks.
Neat, I may try the guitar strings and see how it goes for me when I remake my gloves. The first set I made I used the 2mm foam and used elastic on the top and bottom to help them hold shape. How is the tension on the strings? does it keep the fingers aligned when you relax or pull them back into shape. Looks cool still :)
How is the tension on the strings? does it keep the fingers aligned when you relax or pull them back into shape

Strings are not tensioned, they are free. Its just strongly but accurate holds all parts, do not interfere to bend, little help to bend back.
I use top E guitar string, very thin.
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