Interest in a Dutch Bust?


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Hey guys dont know if this is the right section but if its not can someone move it. I was contacted by a member of another forum about making a Bust Of Arnie as Dutch after i have finished the Michael Keaton Bust. Just wanted to ask would there be much interest here for a run of them in resin or silicone? Im just trying to gauge interest in it and what material would people like it in. Should be able to get good likeness as well as i have a lifecast of Arnie to take measurements and for reference.



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Thread moved by me.

Just wanted to let you know. I figured since you actually weren't selling anything physically and this is more a discussion, that it should belong in the General Predator Discussion Area.



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Tempted to say yes in silicone, but it would just end up on my pile of things to paint, and this year i HAVE to complete my suit.

but i will be watching :D


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Okay cool guys cos its official it's gonna happen. shook virtual hands last night on it so watch this space. Soon there will be a dutch here. Im making silicone copy for my client but gonna make a silicone mold also to do a clay pull for some hair. Ill be starting this after the keaton is finished and thinking also of Pred related base to go with something i have planned for myself. More info to come.......dun...dun....dunnnnnn


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Okay so guys would you prefer to see arnie all mucked up like the end of the film for his encounter with Pred or him in the rest of the film with his camo paint and his tactical vest? I'd love to hear opinions on this or maybe something completely different.


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i would love one!

i think arnie first in the jungle,with the camo paint,like the hot toys version

looking forward to whatever you decide


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I think gk asylum had one a while back .

OK , found the link

I think there's pics somewhere in this forum of gk asylum in his predator costume holding a dutch head but i can't find them .

Anyway , yeah I think it's a good idea Johnny . Looking forward to seeing this project finished .

Thanks LITTLE WOLF, it looks pretty cool, Im gonna be doing a bust with a bit of the shoulders and chest for mine. Ill be starting the sculpt in a ciouple of weeks. Probably while im painting the keaton head as he's nearly ready to go and im itching to do something Predator related so this will be a happy inbetween for me as I always wanted to do an Arnie and what better excuse.

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