Instructions for Resin Vanship model


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Hi all,
this may be a long shot but I'll try! I have a Resin 1/35th scale kit of a Vanship (it's a sort of diesel punk styled flying car) from the Japanese anime series 'Last Exile'.
I cannot for the life of me remember who the kit maker is and it was bought off eBay some time ago.
When I come to look at it with a view to putting it together I find the instruction are photo-copied so badly they are unreadable.
So is there anyone who has this kit and has a set of readable instructions they could scan and email me (not sure if we are allowed to share emails on the forum, if not I'd have to figure out a different way!) I'd be very grateful.
I have attached a picture of the kit as it was on eBay, it's about the only useful instruction I have!
Thanks in advance,


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John Dagdigian

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Here you go:


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Hi to John but sorry those are the instructions for the 1/72nd scale Hasegawa kit, that's injection moulded and also a different Vanship design, the kit I have is Resin and 1/35th scale.
And the name of the anime is 'Last Exile', here are some clips of the Vanships on Youtube but the music is added (sounds like something from Star Wars?)



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You will find it listed at e2046 as rt1479. It's most likely a recast, probably from some wonderfest only license type gk. Not sure about the instructions availability, but you might be lucky enough to find someone on their forum or on garage kit subreddit that can help you out. There are pretty good pictures available on their site so you can probably figure out where the parts go that way if you can't find the instructions.
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