Interest Inigo Montoya Sword


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Just ordered mine the other day and I can't wait, I have wanted this sword for long time, predated only by Conan's and Kurgan's swords. Saw those movies before Princess Bride. Went to the site to order Guthwine then saw the add for this wish I could afford both but this is the Holy Grail of sword replicas for me.


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Placed my order, I've been quietly waiting awhile for this. It's really odd (maybe its not, but seems to me) that all these other companies are coming out with replicas at the same time.

I threw my hat in with Magnoli years ago and I am going to see it through. I have yet to be disappointed with any of the quality I've received via the RPF. So I'm betting this is the best version.

Aldo The Apache

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Though Im sure Factoryent’s sword would be satisfactory. It is still a licensed company, therefore corners must be cut to make things cheaper. Indy has developed this for five and a half years now. And put every detail imaginable in it.