Ideas for Vilmarh Grahrk costume


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Hello! I'm hoping to put together a costume of everyone's favorite rascal/scoundrel from the Star Wars Republic comic series: Vilmarh Grahrk to be worn, hopefully, at Celebration VI.

Villie's the Devaronian on the left.

The costume itself will be easy enough -the hard part is Villie's head. I want to not wear a full mask so I can talk and see better, which will require a bald prosthesis with horns, pointy ear tips and earrings. I'll end up painting my face the pinkish/orange/red color to match.

My dilemma: How do I fashion a slightly pointy bald cap with the raised ridge down the middle of the back? I think the horns might be easy enough to sculpt add, but I am not sure how I could color a store-bought and modified bald cap. The same goes for the pointy ear attachments - how can I paint them to match make up?

Any help would be amazing. Thanks!